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FIREFLY ENERGY UNIVERSAL OIL is a spirit-inspired blended formula designed to bring balance into the physical body.  Spirit says that these oils are incredibly high in vibration and where there is high vibration, anything low vibration, such as toxins and pains, cannot reside.  Therefore, the oil helps the body to heal and protect itself. It helps the body to detox as well as work on treating imbalances that affect the physical body. The exception is where there is a life lesson that has not yet been learned or where there is a life contract.  However, the oil can still help the body to manage pain and detox. And help the body to raise its frequency to be open to the lesson that is to be learned.  


Potential areas of benefit could include:


Mastery of soul and kundalini work

You will connect to your soul and help your kundalini to awaken and arise now.

Ascension to a higher realm

To ascend to a higher vibration realm that focuses on and resonates with a higher vibrational frequency, meaning love based and not fear based.

Total gnosis and heart balance

Opening up to a real knowing of how the universe really functions and moving to a place of heart-based emotions.


Collectively, FIREFLY ENERGY UNIVERSAL OIL works on the following chakras:


1st – Clearing out old root chakra fears and emotions, so make up is restored to original bluepr