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FIREFLY ENERGY VORTEX OIL is a spirit-inspired blended formula designed to bring balance into the mental/emotional body.  Spirit says that these oils increase the feeling of unconditional love and where there is unconditional love, emotional trauma cannot reside.  Therefore, the oil helps the mental/emotional body to heal and protect itself. As our capacity to feel and express unconditional love increases, our energetic imprint will change to beautiful crystalline forms.  


Potential areas of benefit could be:

Mastery of loving yourself unconditionally and loving others unconditionally

You will release those emotions imprints that cause you to judge yourself and others critically.  You are a divinely created being and you are perfect as you are. You are only here to learn energetic and spiritual lessons through your physical experiences.  You decide your occupation and your desired life’s journey so let nothing distract you from your life’s lessons. Know that all is well and as it should be. You are to only see love.  You are only love, and no longer lack, resentment, anger or agony. You are only to experience the lessons but not to judge them any longer.


Collectively, FIREFLY ENERGY VORTEX OIL works on the following chakras:


1st – To help to set only a space of abundance and not lack or fear.  You are to now see and feel supported by the universe.

2nd – To see your innate ability to create your future.  Your thoughts and emotions attract your experiences and you will connect to your creative juices to begin to shift your life into what you prefer to see now.

3rd – Seeing all others as your equal and helping to make a deep and meaningful connection with those you encounter in life’s journey.  

4th - Really feeling your own emotions and those of others to encourage and support one another during this ascension process.  You are to now keep lifting one another up and not knocking one another down. Collaboration and NOT competition.

5th – Speaking only with honestly and integrity.  Your words are your calling card and this is how you will be judged going forward.  Your words, jests and threats only speak to your own heart’s limitations and this will release and be replaced with loving words.